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Mahabodhi Boys Hostel
(Boys' Hostel - Established in 1997 with 10 boys)
gurujiWhile uplifting the status of the girl child was one of the primary missions of Ven. Sanghasena but the need to extend the similar facilities to the boys belonging to poor families was also realized which led to the establishment of the Mahabodhi Hostel for the Boys. The work for the construction of the hostel began in 1996 with its first batch 10 boys belonging to poor families of Zangskar, Nubra, Changthang and Leh. Today the hostel has more than 130 boys approximately 70 different villages of Ladakh in a natural family like structure embedded with brotherhood, love, co-operation and mutual understanding.
gurujiThey are looked after by the warden, incharge, co-incharge and the foster mothers. And as they would do in a family environment, the children are encouraged to clean and arrange their own rooms, help in gardening and participate in many of the Devachan social events. The feeling of a shared responsibility and accountability towards each other's peaceful living is inculcated in them through the compassionate and blissful teaching of the Buddha.
gurujiEvery year we admit students in our hostels and we require sponsors for newly admitted children. Total amount for sponsoring a child is Rs. 35,000/ (Approx. Equivalent Euro 550 and US$750) which cover entire their boarding, lodging, food, medicine, education, uniform, stationary etc. for a year.
Objectives of the Education
The Mahabodhi Education program aims at imparting quality education at an affordable or no cost basis, embracing children from poor families and secluded social background. It believes that everybody has a right to the best possible education and here, we offer it with outmost love and compassion. A child admitted is considered a valuable asset of the school and sincere efforts are done to groom them in the right direction to serve the society better.
Ever since its inception the primary objective of the school has been to impart holistic education to students irrespective of their gender, family background and socio-economic conditions. At Mahabodhi education program, we offer comprehensive education embedded with integral love, care, and compassion. A blend of tradition and modernity, materiality and spirituality, knowledge of head and heart, fitness of body and mind, the school provides a complete balanced environment focused on shaping children into better human being of tomorrow. The aim of the school is to provide education directed towards the multi - dimensional growth and development of the students. The environment of the school fosters a love for learning, empathy for others, unity in diversity, compassion in action and a sense of social and moral responsibility among the students.
"Illiteracy and poverty are the biggest enemies of mankind; they must be fought and conquered at any cost."
Future Plans
  • Our plan is to give boarding and lodging facilities for 200 boys.
  • 50% of the buildings is all ready existed with the help of sponsor, supporters and well-wishers. Rest of the other 50% yet to be constructed as and when some philanthropic individual or group come forward to support.
  • Staff quarters to be built for each hostel as at the present the staffs live in the same dormitory of the hostel.
  • A prayer hall cum study hall in urgently needed for hostel.
  • The hostel needs Guest Rooms with attached bathrooms for the sponsored during their visit to stay.
  • Multipurpose play ground/ Indoor Stadium/ sports equipments/ Music equipments also require for hostel.
  • Video/ Audio visual equipments and educational cassettes/ CDs
Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre
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