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Mahabodhi Maitri Charity Program
Maitrī (Sanskrit) or Mettā (Pali) means unconditional and unattached loving kindness, which is the basis of karuna, or Buddhist compassion. Synonyms might be agape, amour, simpatico, kindness, amity, and good will —a sincere desire for the happiness and well being of others. It is without any selectivity or exclusion. With the sublime heart of love, we express care and concern for all beings.
The Buddha does not offer us his teachings merely to be studied and recited. He asks us to follow and practice the instructions so they become a reality in our awareness, in our actions, and in our ways of life. As the name elucidates, the Mahabodhi Maitri Charity Project is aimed at the practise of Maitri. Over the years this has taken various forms, ranging from emergency relief programs to providing basic necessities like warm clothes and blankets to the poor villagers who live scattered among the high mountains of Ladakh.

Over the years from its start Mahabodhi Maitri Charity Project has benefited hundreds of people in the region.

When a devastating Earth Quick took place in Kutch village in Gujurat in 2001, many human casualty and destruction of lot of properties. MIMC in collaboration with BLIA went to participate in the rehabilitation program and constructed a school for a community of the Kutch.
During the Earth Quake in October 2005 in Pakistan that also affected many in Kashimir Valley, Mahabodhi in collaboration with BLIA under this project adopted Uri village in Kashmir on the border and supported the villagers by constructing  42 Huts/houses measuring 20’ x 16 ‘  for the affected families. Guruji Ven. Sanghasena Mahanayaka Thera himself personally visited and affected villages and later took charge of the reconstruction work personally to see that the huts are handed over the villagers in time.

Flood though in comparison the catastrophe of the 2010, but devasting enough foiled the peace and normal lives of many in Phyang, Egoo and Khardong villages when a flashflood struck the villages. Many villagers were rendered homeless. Mahabodhi swung into action and supported the needy in different capacities. Monetary help were extended to rebuilt houses, generator was donated as electric supply was cut off and clothes, tents and basic food were distributed.

During the 2010 Flashflood that brought about unprecedented damage and devastation to the people of Ladakh region, Mahabodhi though also affected by the flood, swung into action in emergency relief work and supported many people in different villages of Ladakh. Mahabodhi Maitri Charity Project extended long term support to house of people whose houses were destroyed during the flood. The JCB and Trippers procured under this Project were put into action in different villages in excavation and construction works. Agricultural land under debris were excavated and given back.
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