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Motto of Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre
We the members of Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre (MIMC), always endeavour to pay our highest homage to the Triple Gem with utmost reverence and actively devote our lives to the propagation of the beautiful messages of love, peace, compassion and wisdom taught by the Lord Buddha.

We uphold the humanistic, scientific, rational and non-sectarian principles contained in the Buddha’s teachings based on right understanding and right view.
We practise the Buddha’s teachings in our everyday lives and shares the merits of this practice with all beings.
We welcome all people, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or nationality, to join us as honorable members of our organization and we greet them warmly on every occasion.
We practise Panca Sila, the five Buddhist moral precepts, and Samatha and Vipassana meditation in our daily lives for the eradication of ignorance and defilements, to thereby enjoy real peace, happiness and harmony.
We make the very best use of our time and seize every opportunity to work with diligence for the welfare and happiness of all beings through spiritual and humanitarian services and activities. Thus, we consider ourselves to be truly non-sectarian, socially – engaged Buddhists.
We show equal respect for all the different Buddhist traditions and pledge to live and work in unity to propagate the sublime teachings of the Supremely Enlightened One, the Buddha, for the peace and happiness of all.
We show deep respect for all religions and cultures of all nations, and we actively promote inter-religious and inter-cultural harmony and co-existence to achieve genuine lasting world peace.
We spare no effort in striving for the eradication of illiteracy and poverty through all possible means and methods, particularly by providing holistic education for children, who are the architect of our future world.
We promote equality, fraternity, liberty, spirituality, amity and unity in society.
We always remain grateful to the mother earth, water, trees and animals, and try not to consume or use more of these precious natural resources than are strictly necessary. We pledge to take utmost care to preserve and protect the natural environment for the good of all living beings.
We work to create Global Family
We fully endorse the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals.
List of Activities
Mahabodhi Sambodhi Retreat Centre
dedicated to physical and mental well-being, social harmony, world peace and the realization of enlightenment.

Mahabodhi Milarepa Meditation and Trekking Camps
dedicated to spiritual life in harmony with nature.

Mahabodhi Jetavana Monastery
dedicated to the training of young monastic students.

Mahabodhi Nunnery
dedicated to the upliftment of Nuns and women.

Mahabodhi Educational Programs
a holistic educational movement - dedicated to the eradication of illiteracy and poverty.

Mahabodhi Residential School
dedicated to holistic education to the children from far flung areas of Ladakh.

Mahabodhi Boys Hostel
dedicated to providing a safe home and inviting deprived children.

Mahabodhi Girls Hostels
dedicated to holistic education and providing a safe home and for inviting deprived children.

Mahabodhi School and Hostel Project for visually impaired Children
dedicated to the disabled children of Ladakh

Mahabodhi Home for the Aged and Destitute
devoted to the care and respect of the elderly and destitute.

Mahabodhi Karuna Charitable Hospital
dedicated to the welfare of sick people.

Mahabodhi Mobile Health Clinic
dedicated to health-care of the communities of remote and inaccessible areas.

Mahabodhi Maitri Charity program
dedicated to emergency relief for the very poorest members of society.

Mahabodhi Environmental Projects
dedicated to afforestation and nature conservation.

Mahabodhi Zita and Horst Norberg Studio
dedicated to promote and preserve Ladakh culture.

Mahabodhi Interfaith Program
dedicated to inter-religious harmony and peaceful co-existence.

Mahabodhi Youth Wing
dedicated to building character and confidence in local youths.

Mahabodhi Adult Women Literacy Project
dedicated to the empowerment of women.

Mahabodhi Tingmosgang Branch School
dedicated to education of rural children.

Mahabodhi Bodhkharbu Branch School
dedicated to education of deprived and neglected rural children.

Mahabodhi Nubra Branch
dedicated to education of rural children

Mahabodhi Jammu Deepa Centre, Jammu
dedicated to spiritual life in the city.

Mahabodhi Meditation Centre, Chandigarh
dedicated to spiritual life in the city

Mahabodhi Padmaloka Girls Hostel, Chandigarh
dedicated to the higher education of girl students

Bhikkhu Sanghasena

O! Lord Buddha
the embodiment of compassion and wisdom,
Please accept our most reverential salutation at your lotus
Kindly bestow your blessings on us to remain always…
A source of happiness for those who are unhappy
A source of water for the thirsty
A source of food for the hungry
A source of healing for those who are ill
A source of light for those in darkness
A source of companionship for those who are lonely
A source of protection for those without protection
A source of help and friendship for all in need
A source of crutches to the broken limbs
A source of parental love and care for the orphans
A source of shelter to the homeless
A source of asylum for those who have no safe place
A source of warmth of real love and compassion
to those abandoned in coldness of war and hatred
May the Buddha be at our heads
May the Dhamma in our hearts and
May the Sangha at our side to protect
and guide us always
May all enjoy real peace, real happiness,
and real harmony.

Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre
P.O. Box No 22 • Leh Ladakh 194101, India
Tel: 91-19 82-264372 . Fax: 91-19 82-264155
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