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Mahabodhi Sambodhi Retreat Centre
gurujiThe incredibly beautiful Sambodhi Retreat Centre, an inspiring oasis of tranquil contemplation, is situated in a secluded corner of the transformative Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre campus.
The centre is dominated by Rocky Mountains on one side and golden sand dunes on the other. The sweet scent of fragrant and jewel-like flowers, which line the footpaths of the centre, play joyfully on the senses, while enigmatic stupas, reclusive meditation kuties, abundant prayer flags, and the most sacred and eye-catching Milarepa rock cave provide silent spiritual encouragement. 
The Sambodhi Retreat Centre is exceptionally well designed and very thoughtfully appointed. In fact, our most revered spiritual guide and meditation teacher, Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena, has personally overseen all aspects of the centre’s design, construction and management with a singularly humanitarian vision: to create a unique, world-renowned contemplative venue, which is appealing to all seekers of truth and lovers of peace, irrespective of their religious inclinations, caste or creed. As a consequence, the centre provides an incredibly warm welcome to all genuine seekers who are looking to incorporate timeless and universal spiritual truths into their daily lives.
Courses at Sambodhi:
gurujiThe Sambodhi Retreat Centre offers both short and longer duration meditation courses with yoga classes. The tremendously popular and highly successful three-day meditation courses are regularly scheduled throughout the summer months, and we receive incredibly positive and encouraging feedback from all those attending them.

The Sambodhi Retreat Centre continues to harmoniously develop and gracefully evolve with time under the wise and compassionate guidance of our revered meditation teacher, Guruji Venerable  Sanghasena Mahanayaka Thera.
Facilities at Sambodhi:
The centre is blessed with a beautiful meditation hall; separate dormitories for male and female residents, which can accommodate 40 - 50 retreatants at a time; a delightful dining hall for more than 50 people, and; beautiful gardens, where meditators can practice walking meditation and yoga or simply rest on the lawn under the many fruit frees. In addition to the spacious accommodation and first-rate facilities for groups, the Sambodhi Retreat Centre has a number of comfortable meditation kuties for experienced solitary practitioners. We are also looking forward to building more such kuties in the future, as and when the necessary resources become available.
gurujiIn this turbulent and troubled era, seemingly so dominated by personal and collective greed, hatred and delusion, meditation is the supreme medicine and hope for all societies. This is the treasured belief of our revered meditation teacher, Guruji
The simple, yet timeless, teachings of the enlightened Buddha are taught with precise accuracy and insightful clarity at the Sambodhi Retreat Centre. Both Samatha and Vipassana Meditation practices, the very heartwood of the Buddha’s unsurpassed contemplative teachings, are taught in direct, engaging and highly relevant ways, enabling sincere practitioners to open and expand their innate inner qualities of wisdom, compassion, power and purity.
This most noble service will surely continue for many more years, continuing to bring both a vast and profound sense of happiness and well-being to so many!
Three-day residential meditation courses at Main Centre
3-day meditation retreats (with morning yoga classes) are conducted at the main Centre from June to Mid September. This was a highly successful program, attracting a large number of participants because it was a short course. The course offered meditation, yoga, dhamma talks, and a questions and answer class. Foreign visitors who do not have the time have benefited from such courses; it is a good start and a preparation before enrolling for the advanced 10-day courses.
Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre
P.O. Box No 22 • Leh Ladakh 194101, India
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