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Mahabodhi Water Project
Hotel Taj Bed RoomLadakh is a high altitude desert, cold and dry. The people of Ladakh have over the centuries developed their villages along the river valleys, as is so apparent to anyone traveling across the vast spaces of Ladakh. The brown and purple landscape is suddenly broken by a strip of green.  But, Mahabodhi Devachan when started in the cold desert, it had to be grateful for the land that was available. Unoccupied land meant only one thing – lack of water.
The availability of large reserves of ground water was the blessing that rose from the earth. A network of wells were developed to serve each wing of the campus. This provided sufficient water for the use of residents as well as for the trees and flowers in each compound. Large tracts of land, however, was yet left barren due to the lack of water. In summer 2008 a new project was launched to enable larger scale forestry, vegetable and fruit farming at Devachan. This system based on two large bore wells and a reservoir is the largest of its kind developed by a private organization in Ladakh.

If you commence any work with a pure heart, obstacles fade away in your path.  – Guruji – Ven. Sanghasena.
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